Thankful for Affordable Apartments in San Antonio

When my senior officer dropped transfer papers on my desk and said enjoy Texas, one of the first things I said to my wife is to start looking online for apartments in North San Antonio. I love being in the military, but one of the least desirable elements of this life is the necessity of transferring every few years. We've been everywhere from Europe to all across the United States and ever single one of those moves seemed to drop out of thin air. Most of us never get much warning, so moving takes on a frantic pace immediately.

Too, we weren't interested in living on base. We'd done that my first five years in and decided we just weren't going to do it anymore. It's not that it's bad, it's just pretty restrictive. My wife doesn't like going through the checkpoints and everyone gets up into everyone else's business because you're living in an enclosed space. So that's why I told her to look in North San Antonio. I'd heard it was a pretty nice part of town and figured we could possibly find an apartment there we could afford. They've got a lot of military in town so I didn't think there would be a problem.

It wasn't a problem. In fact, we found a complex straight away with excellent floor plans, plenty of amenities, and rent that seemed too good to be true. That last point made us wonder even more when we realized the area is home to many, many very wealthy people. I didn't mind rubbing elbows with them if they don't! Really though it's a great area with excellent access to shopping and entertainment options. The traffic doesn't seem as bad, either, which is plus for commuting to the base. We're expecting a good move this time around!